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CG Helpline Beta registration is a free informational site dedicated to all forms of Computer Graphics.

CG Helpline is currently in Beta, and we request members of the Computer Graphics community to join the site to test it and give feedbacks to the volunteers who have worked hard on developing this site.

Members who participate in the Beta will automatically be registered on after the beta period. Beta members get to keep the scores, privileges and badges that they may earn during the Beta period. Any CG Portfolios that you may create during the beta phase will also be retained in your account after the beta phase.

Beta Registration is now open to all. Please fill in the form below to register.

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What is ?

CG Helpline is a free informational database with well structured and easily searchable information about Computer Graphics (animation, games, visual effects (Films/Games/Any Other), programming, architechtural, etc). CGH is not an off-the-shelf forum or blog, but a custom made site aimed to provide support to members of the CG community. Our goals with are two-fold:

  • To build an online database with (quickly and easily searchable) valuable information about computer graphics, animation, games, visual effects in films, visual effects companies, game companies, etc &
  • To help artists and technicians in the computer graphics industry to gain recognition in their areas of expertise, which eventually should help them in their CG career.
  • The foundation of is built on user generated content. Generated by members from the computer graphics industry who are experts, enthusiasts, or just plain inquistive.

    The experts, the veterans and the know-it-alls provide great help and support to the CG industry. We hope to give these stalwarts something back for the help they provide. And for this purpose, CGH has a neat little scoring/voting system in place. We hope to make CGHelpline a site for the CG Industry, by the CG Industry.

    CGHelpline is not restricted to Games, Films, Animation or Architechture, we welcome everyone who is related to any branch of Computer Graphics.

    Why ?

    CGHelpline aims to be bit different to other regular CG forums found on the web. The team at CGHelpline are regular visitors and contributor to CG related forums.Forums are awesome for discussions, and a great source of information. And as members of these forums, we contribute heavily to these forums. So what do we get in return? Point to ponder !

    When we use our CG-expertise and experience to help a needy member in the forums, the member who is at the receiving end of the help definitely grows. What about me, the member who gives help? Ofcourse, for every post I write, my total post count goes up.... hoooray!

    Fact is that you don't really need to wreck your brains or have any experience or expertise to increase the total number of posts you made in a forum. We frequently come across people who must have made a thousand posts, a majority of which could be "Thank you" posts, "Thats awesome" posts, and even posts that have absolutely no relevance to the subject matter of the thread. Statistics show that the number of such ir-relevant and un-informative posts are far greater than the number of thoughtful posts written by experienced experts who know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, the forum members who have the most number of posts are considered CG-experts. What area of CG ? No idea, no clue.

    At CGHelpine, we think it would be great to have a platform which values your expertise. In short, if I help someone it would be great to be acknowledged for my expertise in the topic because of which I was able to be of help in the first place. And that simply put, is the basis of

    Are we concluding that discussions are bad ?

    Ofcourse NOT ! Discussions play a very vital role in information sharing, in self development, and in your CG-career. There are tons of knowledge to be gained (and imparted) during discussions. And CG Helpline promotes discussions in a variety of ways.

    Alternative Thankyou ?

    If you did like or were benefitted by a submission made by another member, CG Helpline provides a simple way of thanking your benefactor. This comes in the form of a voting system which gives your benefactor credit and recognition. Eventually your vote would help your benefactor in his career.
    Under the hood, the voting system is a bit more sophisticated than just adding up votes. When a member's post is voted up, CGHelpline recognizes the area/s of Computer Graphics that needs to be credited to the member who provided you with help. (example : modelling, rigging, pymel, vfx, Maya, Blender, Unreal engine, 3ds max, CAD, etc etc etc...). Highly regarded community members (whose helpful posts have been voted up by others) have the option to display their areas of expertise in the form of pie-charts and graphs in their profile.

    What are the graphs shown on my Profile page ?

    There are 2 sections on your profile page that display informative data about yourself in the form of pie-charts and bar-graphs. These sections are:
  • Areas of expertise &
  • Areas of interest
  • Areas of Expertise :
    The graphs displayed in this section are purely based on community votes on your own contributions to CG Community. (Contributions mean questions, answers, articles, tutorials, exhibits, critiques, showreels, source codes, etc - any votable material that you have posted on CGH). This graph is not based on how many posts you make - but about how many of your posts were considered useful, informative and helpful by other members of the community. If a topic shows up in a graph in the Areas of expertise section, it simply means the Computer graphics community recognizes your skills and talents in that area. If I were you, this is something I would be happy about and be proud to show off ! CGH tracks down what were the topics behind your up-voted posts, and these are the topics which show up in the Expertise area. For example, if you constantly give good answers to questions related to maya and animation, you gradually will be recognized as an expert in Maya and Animation. Or Game Development and Unreal - or whatever is your forte.
    Displaying your expertise graphs is optional. If for some reason you donot wish the world to see your CG skills represented in a graphical format, you are free to disable it by unchecking "Show Expertise" on your control panel (Edit Profile).
    You may notice that though some members have been voted up for certain topics, these topics donot show up in their expertise graphs. This is because each member needs to have achieved a minimum number of votes in a particular topic for CGH to consider him/her to be an expert in that CG topic.
    Under the hood, CG Helpline recognizes non-informative, un-useful and non-helpful posts like "thank you", "am on the same boat", etc, and will de-vote such posts during its regular in-house visits to all posts (we call it a house run !)
    Areas of Interest :
    The pie chart shown in the Areas of Interest section is based on your activity on CG Helpline. You may be an expert in a certain area, but most of us are probably interested in more than one areas of Computer Graphics. For example, you may be an expert in Maya, but you may also be (though not an expert) an immense fan of Blender 3D. (Like me !). At CG Helpline, we think it is very important to showcase your areas of interest, it adds a lot to your profile, especially when your profile is viewed by a recruiter or a Company who is considering employing/hiring you.

    How do I increase my score and expertise?

    If you are a new member, you can increase your CGH Score by posting thoughtful and helpful Questions, Answers, Exhibits - Images or Videos (WIP or finished work), and Showreels. If other members of the CG Community find your posts helpful and well-written, they may up-vote your post, which will gain you points.

    Can we help and how ?

    You can help CG Helpline by participating in the Beta and giving us feedback about features we have incorporated on the site. We value all inputs given by our members, and your feedback will help make CG Helpline a better experience for yourself and other members. Beta Registration is now open.

    You can also help by spreading the word and recommending CG experts that you may know from your workplace or through interactions in forums, blogs, etc. Recommendations can be made using the recommendation form.

    Who moderates ?

    Eventually, CGH will be moderated by its members themselves. The site is designed to grant access to more and more moderation tools to its members as and when their trust rating in the community grows. In the initial days of the site though, the CG Helpline development team, along with a team of volunteers will take up the task of moderating user contributions.

    If you wish to be a volunteer, please contact the team at contact at(@) Please include details of your involvement in computer graphics, and any online material that belongs to you/that represents you. We regret to inform that due to the large number of volunteer requests that we receive (and the fact that we ourselves are volunteers with a daily job), we may not be able to respond to you immediately. But however late, we will definitely respond to each and every request. Please donot spam us, if you do, we'll simply add your ip address to our spam blocker, and you'll never again be able to access cghelpline, and ofcourse you'll never hear from us.

    Who is behind CG Helpline ?

    We are a small team currently consisting of four people. All 4 of us who are developing the site are presently working in the game and film industry. We are not associated with any company and we are doing this in our spare time - meaning nights, weekends, holidays and whenever we are able to squeeze a couple of minutes from work. As of now, CG Helpline is funded with our own money. What we all have in common is our love and passion for computer graphics. We love the industry that we are in, and we grew up with games and we give an extra eye to the vfx we see in films. Rest assured that this little team at will do its best to ensure that the site is moulded into what the community wants it to be.


    At CGHelpline, you are free to post Questions, Answers, Tutorials, Articles, Showreels, Exhibits (WIP/Finished), Critiques and Source Codes related to computer graphics. It also has a Discussion section, where you are free to start a discussion related to any CG Topic. When you post any of the above (other than discussion), your posts are votable by other members. Some of them are Up-Votable, some of them are both UP and DOWN votable. When your post recieves a vote (Up or Down), it is reflected on your profile, it affects your CG expertise. The affect could be good for you or bad for you depending on the quality of your post. Unlike CG forums, your expertise is not determined by the total number of posts you write. Non-Informative posts like "Thank you" posts and "Thats awesome !", etc will be down voted. At CGH, if you really wish to say Thank you or Thats Awesome, you simply UP-Vote the post. These votes in turn help the member who posted the helpful resource in the first place. A member who's contributions are up voted gains points in the topic/topics which the post is related to.

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