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    How to run mel commands inside a python script

    I use melscript, but am new to python in Maya. In a python script that I am writing, I have to run mel command, because the melscript documentation says that this command is not available in python ( the command that I want to run is getenv ). So how can I run the command getenv in a python script? thanks
    asked 2 Years ago by
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    1 Answers :

    You can do this in 2 ways depending on whether you are using pymel or not. You can get access to getenv in Pymel, with the mel module. Without PyMel, you can use the mel.eval function, which accepts a string of MEL command.

    Without PyMel :

    import maya.mel as mel
    myEnv = mel.eval("getenv PYTHONPATH")
    print myEnv

    With PyMel :

    import pymel.core as pm
    myEnv = pm.mel.getenv("PYTHONPATH")
    myEnv = pm.mel.getenv("MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH")

    In both cases, the return value will be a string, where the paths will be separated by semi-colon ; So you will have to split the string to get individual paths.

    answered 2 Years ago by
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    Thanks for the quick reply ! I have posted another question, could you help please
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