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    What exactly is a good Maya Pipeline ?


    Am an artist, not a tech guy, and I lead a team of a small group of artists (modelers, texturing guys and animators). For a future project, my bosses think we need much more than artists. And I've been enlisted with the geeky task of finding good pipeline guys. Before I start hunting talented technical guys for interviews, I thought I'd make myself aware of whats really happenning in the Maya pipeline world ! I mean - I think we do have a good pipeline - most of our art stuff are in order, they go into pre-defined directories, its easy for any new comer to figure out where to save their models/textures/animations, etc. And the rendering guys know exactly which is the final one to be rendered without guessing - the naming conventions for all departments are all set, and its followed without any deviation. And everythings been going smooth till now.

    So my question is - do we really need a techy pipeline guy? And if yes, what is it that the pipeline guy can add to our existing well-structured-art-process? As I mentioned earlier, we work only on Maya, and our projects range from TV series to game-cinematics - and maybe a commercial at times ...

    Any inputs that you can give about a 3D pipeline (specific to Maya if possible ! ) would be very helpful

    asked 3 Years ago by
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    London, United Kingdom
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    1 Answers :
    I think one of the biggest mistakes is to try and build a whole pipleline around a given package, as you want a pipe that will flow from maya to nuke to avid ect.
    answered 3 Years ago by
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    agree with you Jifman, no pipeline should be built around a single package. Am not a pipeline expert, but I see value in your answer, so upvoted
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