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    Question Posted by artyfarty

    What exactly is a good Maya Pipeline ?

    Am an artist, not a tech guy, and I lead a team of a small group of artists (modelers, texturing guys and animators). For a future project, my bosses ...

    VFX Showreel March 2014. Matthew J Norris

    my latest reel: shot1 : 00:02 object track with PFTrack CG build in Maya, sculpt in Zbrush, paint in Mudbox, rendered VRay. Comp by Felipe Olid shot2 : 00:14 photogrammetry with 123D Catch, retopolagise and plate projection in Mudbox, sculpture in ...
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    Demo Reel of Fall 2013

    I'm now a graduate of DAVE School in Orlando, Florida. Proficient in Maya, Zbrush, Nuke and Mocha. Experienced in all parts of the 3D pipeline. Passionate about creating the real look of elements from characters to effects and bringing them to life w ...
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