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    How to build a realtime flight simulator in Cinema 4D using Aerodynamics

    Chris Schmidt has posted a cool new tutorial at GreyscaleGorilla about How to build a realtime flight simulator in Cinema 4D (R 14). The tutorial explains how to use the new Aerodynamics feature in C4D and Xpresso. If you don't yet know about the new Aerodynamics feature of C4D, let us fill you in on it - Aerodynamics in C4D is the new feature that allows Rigid bodies and Softbodies to interact with Wind, Gravity, and Turbulance based on the aerodynamic shape of these objects.

    The video tutorial on vimeo can be found below, the link to the original tutorial can also be found below.

    Here is another tutorial by Chris where he explains c4D Aerodynamics with an example of motorized helicopter blades with dynamics, and paper simulation with aerodynamics

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